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The more books and articles that one reads on the finish of the 1966 race, the more one realises that many of the key players have contradicted each other and sometimes themselves over the years, such that there is now no version of the event which can fit all known facts. Han har tidligere stået bag filmsucceser som 'Logan', 'Walk The Line' og '3:10 to Yuma'. I would take a shower when I got out of the car and change my overalls because you would get drenched in sweat driving the GT40. Just a few years ago, Carroll Shelby won the legendary 24-hour race at Le Mans, but now the engineer is left watching from the sidelines. V roce 1966 se na slavném závodním okruhu v Le Mans střetly dvě automobilové společnosti: Ferrari a Ford. Erős Márk 2019. június 04. Der er langt mellem de store bilfilm, men filmen Le Mans '66 ligner en, som du skal sætte kryds i kalenderen for at se. Bruce said to me we had to drive the doors off the thing so we did. With grateful thanks to the Ford Motor Company and the Henry Ford Archives for their cooperation in the sourcing of photographs to illustrate this feature. Ken Miles na Le Mans v tomto voze startoval již v roce 1965, ale kvůli selhání techniky závod nedokončil. Originally scheduled for the weekend of 15 and 16 June, the race had to be delayed until September due to protests, strikes, and civil unrest in France during the summer of 1968. Ferrari bylo jasným favoritem a nikdo ani nepomyslel na možnost, že by italská značka prohrála. Find the perfect Le Mans 1967, Le Mans stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Bruce drove the first stints. Hans hold af skuespillere behøver ingen yderligere introduktion og omfatter Christian Bale og Matt Damon i de to hovedroller. Držitel Oscara Matt Damon a Christian Bale ve filmu inspirovaném skutečnou událostí. A whole cottage industry has grown up as to how that came about: Henry Manney in the Road & Track report of the race asserted that Miles braked or backed off, a view later endorsed by Leo Levine in Ford: The dust and the glory, Ronnie Spain in GT40, Pete Lyons in Autosport, Dave Friedman, and Art Evans. This view also gained favour in Eoin Young’s Bruce McLaren, and was adopted by Chris Amon in an interview in Motor Sport in 2002. There's no question that winning Le Mans with Ford was a very special moment in my career. We weren't sure who had won initially. But that view is not only in the minority, it doesn’t have the feel of commonsense to it. CU Henry Ford II in pits. – editor (1997) Le Mans 'The Ford and Matra Years 1966–1974' Cobham, Surrey: Brooklands Books ISBN 1-85520-373-1; Clausager, Anders (1982) Le Mans London: Arthur Barker Ltd ISBN 0-213-16846-4; Henry, Alan (1988) Fifty Famous Motor Races Northamptonshire: Patrick Stephen Ltd … Miles is said to have commented to his mechanic, Charlie Agapiou, late in the race that, irrespective of any Ford decision about the finish, he wasn’t going to finish second. Jasně, zlatá éra závodnických es je na podobné story a charaktery neuvěřitelně bohatá a Le Mans 1966 patří ve vytrvalostním závodění ke stejným pojmům jako Nagano nebo Lake Placid v … The responsibility for the side-by-side finish lay with Ford racing manager Leo Beebe; he knew that it would entail victory for McLaren/Amon. In 2002 Zwartkops incorporated the South African Tourist Trophy (SA TT) into its program as a one-hour event for pre 1966 Le Mans Sports Grand Touring Cars. MS Crowd at Le Mans 24 hrs endurance car race. Unissued / Unused material - Le Mans, France. A to je ostatně důvod vysokého hodnocení. The fact that Evans actually discussed the race with Miles is potentially persuasive on this point – but then again, if Miles knew about the distance rule, he must have known he had lost the race at the finish line, so why did he and Hulme start driving into victory lane, Miles bitterly grumbling a few minutes later that he’d been screwed? This theory (amongst others) also gets a solid airing from Preston Lerner in Ford GT: How Ford silenced the critics, humbled Ferrari, and won Le Mans. Yes, and there was a bit of history to that. Ford wanted its GT40s to finish equal-first. But alternatively if the finish was in fact at the chequered flag, why do so many authors (and some of the participants) speak of it as a dead heat, when it plainly wasn’t? Le Mans 1966. Bruce could sleep anywhere at any time but I couldn't. The idea was that the leading GT40s would cross the line together, but in practice, it wasn't possible to have a dead heat. Shelby photographer and scribe Dave Friedman pushed that line in Remembering the Shelby Years 1962-1969; I corresponded with him for another article I have written on the 1966 race, and he was certainly pretty adamant on the point. ShareFacebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Email, As David Greenhalgh shows, the true story of the finish of the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours remains very elusive …. I think today's drivers are subjected to much higher G-forces and they also have to manage different settings in the car so they have more to think about during the race. after a tyre switch from Firestone to Goodyear. And yet Beebe could never have anticipated that so much attention would end up being diverted from Ford’s wonderful win. Ruku na srdce, Netflix se o prvním březnovém víkendu zase tolik nepředvádí. Strhující příběh o tom, jak konstruktér aut Carroll Shelby a britský jezdec Ken Miles postaví pro automobilku Ford revoluční závodní auto, aby mohli zvítězit nad Enzem Ferrarim v závodu 24 Le Mans ve Francii roku 1966. Another thing was you really had to manage the brakes because at the end of the Mulsanne Straight they would be cold and then subjected to tremendous heat as you slowed from 220mph. Indeed, there is even a suggestion that Miles was actually a lap ahead, but that the Ford officials perversely persuaded the ACO during the race there had been a mistake and he should be docked a lap. 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If any journalist ever did the digging that needed to be done straight after the race, finding a copy of the regulations, to see if the distance rule existed, and when and how the finish of the race was defined, he has kept very quiet about it for the last 50 years. Le Mans '66. V hlavních rolích Christian Bale, Matt Damon a Caitriona Balfe. I think the “docked lap” theory can be put to one side. Jste n v t vn k t to str nky od 15.9.2000. The winning GT40 "Mark II" cars were in the Prototype class, because they were modified beyond the limits of the homologated GT40 "Mark I" cars in the Sport class. Further, David Hodges, in the 1998 edition of Ford GT40, comments that in the 1990s, there was a campaign in America to get the 1966 Le Mans results changed, for that very reason. Henry was on the podium and I believe his wife was also there. Indeed, perhaps the regulations said the race ended precisely at 4pm, not at the finish line at all, in which case we’ll never know which of the two Fords was ahead on the stroke of 4 o’clock, somewhere out on the circuit on that last lap. Clarke, R.M. One thing is absolutely certain: as they passed the man waving the chequered flag, McLaren was about a length ahead of Miles (above). Trval sice na tom, že bude pořízena fotografie všech tří aut na cílové rovince v závodě Le Mans roku 1966, nikdy ale MIlesovi nebránil v tom, aby usedl do kokpitu GT40. In the coming days there will be a blizzard of publicity and comment about the 1966 race. So the victory stood proudly as Ford’s finest hour in the sport. Da bildesigneren Carroll Shelby bliver hyret af Ford, er det ikke for at skabe endnu et samlebåndskøretøj til den amerikanske befolkning. When I was called in to change tyres, I think Bruce's frustration had reached boiling point, he put his head through the car door and said 'go like hell'. Many contemporary journalists, and authors who have tackled the subject since, have completely missed the intricacies of the situation. 1966 was the year of the famous Ford GT40 1-2-3 finish. See more ideas about Le mans, Ford gt, Gt40. Minden 500. feliratkozó után 5db Alapjáratos pólót sorsolunk ki. We had both driven the first two 7.0-litre cars at Le Mans the previous year: Bruce with Ken Miles and myself with Phil Hill. But if that is right, why haven’t more authors emphasised the point? We ran at Le Mans in '65 in the GT40 and we were so much faster than Ferrari until we had reliability issues. Le Mans 1966 to 1969 1966. LE MANS, France, June 9, 2016 – Ford’s 1966 Le Mans winner Chris Amon reminisces about that historic race 50 years ago in this exclusive interview.. Q) Chris, going into the race, who were your biggest rivals – Ferrari or the other Ford GT cars? I wish the team all the best. The circuit was also more dangerous. Franciaország kulturális és történelmi városa címet viseli. A város a Loire egyik mellékfolyója, a Sarthe partján terül el. Our throttle was also sticking a bit which isn't what you needed going into a corner. Galerie +4. Kiwi driver Brendon Hartley's helmet for the 2016 race celebrates Chris Amon (right) and Bruce McLaren. As David Greenhalgh shows, the true story of the finish of the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours remains very elusive … This weekend we have heard a great deal about the 50th anniversary of Ford’s famous 1-2-3 win at Le Mans in 1966. Be that as it may, as the race drew to a close (and despite the denial of Carroll Shelby (right) in an interview as late as 2003), the Ford brass did know exactly what the ACO was going to do in the event of a dead heat. READ MORE: * Dixon racing against the clock ahead of Le Mans debut * Hartley to honour Amon, McLaren at Le Mans * Dixon says Kiwi can-do attitude key to motorsport success. At the end of the day, endurance racing is the ultimate test for man and machine, and that hasn't changed a bit in the last 50 years. Filmen er en filmatisering - og formentlig dramatisering - af begivenhederne, der førte til Ford's succes med at skubbe Ferrari af Le Mans-tronen i midten af 60'erne. The true story of the finish of the 1966 race will therefore forever remain a mystery. Another thing was the cars back then chucked out quite a lot of oil so as the race went on, and the rain came down, it got very slippery. As 24 Hours of Le Mans de 1966 foi o 34º grande prêmio automobilístico das 24 Horas de Le Mans, tendo acontecido nos dias 18 e 19 de junho 1966 em Le Mans, França no autódromo francês, Circuit de la Sarthe.. O filme Ford v Ferrari relata a história por trás dessa corrida e a disputa da Ford com a Ferrari pela supremacia na Le Mans. The McLaren team was commissioned by Ford to build a lightweight version of the GT40 for possible use in 1966. I also had some interesting conversations with Henry Ford II and his wife Cristina, during the night. D kuji za V z jem. But what did the two drivers know? As a result of the above, when I went to Daytona for the 24 hours, paired with Bruce, I was not fully confident on the reliability front if we were to drive hard the whole race, so I suggested to Bruce that we set a fairly conservative pace for the race, and whilst we might be running out of the top three in the early stages, we might be the only one there at the end. He would hardly have made that comment if he thought he was a lap ahead of McLaren. In June of 1965, the 33rd Grand Prix of Endurance, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, was held, as usual, at the Circuit de La Sarthe and was ultimately won by the North American Racing Team’s #21 Ferrari 250LM. Zapojte se do diskuse okolo z vodu Le Mans, z vodn ch voz a sb r n jejich model . Our cars didn't have power steering or paddle shift gear boxes so they were physically very demanding to drive. I recall it was damp and we were running on intermediate Firestone tyres and at 210-220mph [355kmh] on the Mulsanne Straight, the tyres were shedding tread. 0 Comments, by Graham Goodwin The 1968 24 Hours of Le Mans was the 36th Grand Prix of Endurance, and took place on 28 and 29 September 1968 on the Circuit de la Sarthe, in Le Mans, France.. What was the toughest part of the race for you? Was that the moment that he shouted 'Go like hell!'? Then, as now, the manufacturer is more important than the driver at Le Mans; Leo Beebe, a good company man, had absolutely no doubt on that score. Sv rady a p ipom nky pi te na email: Dejte si odkaz na sv str nky Posledn aktualizace 19.5.2017. And how ironic is it if the ACO deserves to be criticised, not for having the distance rule in the first place (a rule which actually has some point to it), but for being so idiotic as to have the man with the flag standing on a painted line some distance from the actual finish line. We were stopping every hour and a half for fuel and we weren't allowed to drive for more than four hours at a time. Le Mans '66 je drama z roku 2019, spadající do žánrů drama, sportovní, biografický a oscarový. Well then, perhaps the man with the chequered flag wasn’t standing on the finish line, and the race actually ended somewhere else? Again, the most common assertion is that they knew nothing of the distance rule. I won with Bruce and he wasn't with us for much longer after that race so it would be especially poignant for me personally to see history recreated. 24-Stunden-Rennen von Le Mans, der 34 e Grand Prix d’Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans, … What would a Ford victory mean to you in 2016? We knew Ferrari had improved, but so had we, especially on the reliability front, and that proved to be the case in the race. Le Mans '66, seriály HBO a další novinky, které musíte vidět o víkendu. by Stephen Kilbey Filmen 'Le Mans '66' handler om optakten til det episke 24-timers Le Mans-løb i 1966, der i særdeleshed betød en dyst mellem bilfabrikanterne Ford Motors og Ferrari. Bruce McLaren told Amon to "go like hell!" But intriguingly, Ken Miles’ biographer Art Evans (who is one of the few people who discussed the race with Miles before Miles (below) was killed eight weeks after Le Mans) claims that Miles did know that the distance rule existed. Back in those days, the top speed of the GT40 was 100mph more than some of the other cars on the track, so it could be quite hairy, especially at night in the rain with mist hanging in the air, bearing down on these cars when you couldn't see much. I found driving at dawn and dusk especially tricky because the light was so poor. Film of the finish confirms that the cars were almost exactly side by side as they approached the pits, before the gap between them widens as they reach the man with the flag, some distance further along. Forestil dig at du virkelig bliver forkælet; Sæt dig til rette i den mest behagelige stol. On the eve of Le Mans 2016, Chris Amon remembers his part in that historic 1966 victory. At the time, I was probably more interested in F1 than sports car racing. Beebe has always stood by his decision, while others, including Shelby, have rather unconvincingly wrung their hands saying, “if only I’d known…”. Was that win the highlight of your racing career? Tell us about the podium celebration at the end. Grand Prix (1966) Le Mans (1971) Rush (2013) Gasivodo 14-11-19 06:49 ★★★★ 0. In the face of such an overwhelming corporate campaign, it was more than a little ironic that the very moment of the company’s triumph was marginalised by the actions of a determined Kiwi, an irascible expatriate Englishman, and some regulations which weren’t even clear to those who administered them. On the eve of Le Mans 2016, Chris Amon remembers his part in that historic 1966 victory. En film, jeg gerne ville bo i. James Mangold peaker og instruerer sin hidtil bedste film. Our attitude for Le Mans, because of the Daytona result, was obviously different. The original Ford GT was a sports car and winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans four times in a row, from 1966 to 1969. Then again, Friedman tells us that, when Miles was told of the form finish, he disgustedly said “so ends my contribution to this motor race”. So which is toughest – Le Mans 1966 or Le Mans 2016? A good number of sources assert that the dead heat went wrong because of the ACO’s eccentric decision that car 2 had travelled further. But McLaren had made an almost identical comment, so perhaps the Kiwi did indeed speed up to beat Miles as they reached the line. 7 June 2020 You would get huge blisters on your hand from changing gear. I can't remember exactly what was said but it was a very joyous occasion. It beat out various other Ferraris as well as the arguably favored Ford GT40s and was piloted by Masten Gregory and Jochen Rindt. I was driving with Bruce McLaren in the #2 GT40 and we both knew our main competitors would be the other Fords. This weekend we have heard a great deal about the 50th anniversary of Ford’s famous 1-2-3 win at Le Mans in 1966. Handlingen er forudsigelig som smagen fra en pakke discounttoast fra Aldi. Det kniber dog så mere på indholdssiden. TJS - Web Design Lincolnshire, Join the conversation across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, From The Archives: Highlights From Bernd Schneider’s Career. For various reasons, he chose McLaren and Amon; the side by side finish was simply a flourish, a symbolic and defiant gesture to mark Ford’s first win in the great race. Newly discovered film footage from the 1966 race also features on the Ford Performance website. The cars were going very, very slowly as they took the flag: if Miles thought that McLaren had dudded him, Miles could easily have accelerated back into the lead. In 1964 the GT40 was simply too new and lacked the necessary development, in 1965 cracked brake discs from unforeseen levels of heat were the problem which eliminated most of the 7 litre Mk2’s. Men man overraskes ikke og får ikke det store med sig. So what happened as the cars crossed the line? And in Forza Amon!, published in 2004, Amon (contrary to his 2002 interview) said that McLaren, determined to win, made absolutely sure he was in front as they crossed the line, and that Miles was upset about it. In a close finish, this was always going to be needlessly confusing for everyone involved. 16 April 2020 Around that time I was also doing testing at Sebring and Daytona with the standard car, and was experiencing a few mechanical issues. It was certainly more dangerous in my day but if you wanted to race, that was the deal. Scénář k filmu napsali Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth a Jason Keller. I have to admit I was only 22 at the time and I was overawed by the situation. Chris, going into the race, who were your biggest rivals – Ferrari or the other Ford GT cars? Les 24 Heures du Mans 1966 sont la 34 e édition de l'épreuve et se déroulent les 18 et 19 juin 1966 sur le circuit de la Sarthe.. Cette course fait partie de la septième manche du Championnat du monde des voitures de sport 1966 (WSC - World Sportscar Championship). Den får premiere 13. november 2019. Jan 7, 2019 - Explore Adam McGinn's board "1966 Le Mans" on Pinterest. It's difficult to say because the speed differential was higher in my day and the cars didn't provide as much protection. Ve dnech 9. až 11. července 2010 se na okruhu v Le Mans pojede již 5. ročník závodu historických vozidel Le Mans Classic. Så den glider ned som et stykke ristet med ost. Bruce and I were both contracted to Firestone so it was a difficult thing for Bruce to negotiate a switch to Goodyear. Ford will naturally seek to emphasise what a great triumph it was for the marque, as indeed it was. I would be delighted for Ford. There was a real risk the discs could crack. Ford won the 1966 Le Mans classic taking the first three placings after the failings of 1964 and 1965. Alt dette gør jo ”Le Mans '66” til en rigtig god oplevelse, man nyder at overvære. All Rights Reserved. We decided to set a pace for ourselves, which would keep us in touch with the lead and then go for it later in the race. But even if they were side by side at some earlier line where the race actually ended, the distance rule was always going to sink Miles. The story is a dramatic one, but stripped down to its barest essentials: Ford (right) tried to buy Ferrari; failed; made spectacularly unsuccessful attacks on the 1964 and 1965 races; launched an overwhelming campaign in 1966; saw the Ferrari resistance fade away as that race unfolded; and instructed Ken Miles and Bruce McLaren not to race each other to the flag, but to cross the line side by side. But the race organisers had other ideas. 'Le Mans '66' fortæller den sande historie om fjendskabet mellem Ford og Ferrari og bliver stilligt instrueret af James Mangold. Indeed, it is significant that in the new book Ford GT: How Ford silenced the critics, humbled Ferrari, and won Le Mans the theory is only given very scant attention, even though Friedman is a co-author. I took over from Bruce and he spoke to Firestone and they generously said we could switch to the Goodyears the other GT40s were running. Strhující příběh o tom, jak konstruktér aut Carroll Shelby a britský jezdec Ken Miles postaví pro automobilku Ford revoluční závodní auto, aby mohli zvítězit nad Enzem Ferrarim v závodu 24 Le Mans ve Francii roku 1966. We finished fifth. LE MANS '66. Select from premium Le Mans 1967, Le Mans of the highest quality. Le Mans Classic 2010 . But assuming for a minute that the race did end on pit straight, there is an interview on Youtube where Ronnie Spain mentions the view that the true finish line was at the start of the pits, not at the chequered flag, and that the cars were pretty much dead-heated as they crossed that first line. Le Mans '66 (v originále Ford v Ferrari) je americký sportovní film z roku 2019 režiséra Jamese Mangolda natočený na motivy osudů automobilových konstruktérů a závodníků Kena Milese a Carrolla Shelbyho.Snímek sleduje cestu týmu Shelby American k vítězství v závodě 24 hodin Le Mans z roku 1966. I didn't get any. Some authors have gone so far as to say that the so-called “distance rule” simply never existed. But Carroll Shelby has said he doesn’t think that Miles backed off, and Denny Hulme thought that McLaren sped up at the very end. There is understandably some doubt on that point, because when asked by Ford late in the race, the ACO initially said that a dead heat was possible, but then later told Ford that the distance rule would prevent it. We were warned to be careful with the gearbox as they were new and unproven, and both cars retired with gearbox failures. Mangold dokazuje, že se silné lidské příběhy schovávají v každém odvětví. 0 Comments, © 2016 Dailysportscar. If the chequered flag marked the finish line, then McLaren (below) clearly won, and there was no need to have invoked the distance rule at all. Ford put out a promotional film to celebrate this win which shows some great race footage. A) I was driving with Bruce McLaren in the #2 GT40 and we both knew our main competitors would be the other Fords. It's been said that I was an unlucky F1 driver because I should have won a lot of races but the fact is many of my contemporaries were killed in F1, so I think I'm lucky to still be around. This strategy fell apart when our tyres started losing treads early in the race and we lost considerable time. Chris, going into the race, who were your biggest rivals – Ferrari or the other Ford GT cars? Le Mans (kiejtés: ləmɑ̃) város Franciaországban, Loire mente régióban, annak Sarthe megyéjében. Videók Aktuális. A Ford v Ferrarit ne hagyd ki idén, légyszi Itt az első trailer a Ford és a Ferrari 1966-os Le Mans-i csatájáról. To ale vůbec nevadí, pokud máte předplacené HBO, které tento víkend rozhodně vede v zásobě nových seriálů, které se vyplatí vyzkoušet. Were the ACO officials initially not familiar with their own regulations, or were they just making it up as they went along? I did the testing of this and drove it in some Can Am type events in the US in late '65. Iratkozz fel hírlevelünkre! Like hundreds of team managers in the history of the sport, Beebe (right) had to make a call as to which of his cars was going to win. Držitel Oscara Matt Damon a Christian Bale ve filmu inspirovaném skutečnou událostí. It wasn’t a dead heat because the #1 Miles/Hulme car was two spots ahead of the #2 McLaren/Amon car on the grid, therefore car 2 had travelled further in the 24 hours, and was declared the winner. A város nevét világszerte a híres 24 órás autósversenyekről ismerik, amelyeket 1923 óta … Sounds pretty simple and familiar, but the end of the 1966 race is probably the most mis-reported finish of a major race in the history of the sport.

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